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[S1E8] Karma's A Bitch VERIFIED

The most disgusting death award definitely goes to the guy in the tanning bed. That was gross, and admittedly shocking for someone to find, but come on, how did that woman really not think to shut the thing off? Maybe she subconsciously wanted to let him burn. Hey, karma's a bitch, remember?

[S1E8] Karma's a Bitch

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After Sarah's death, the tree she died on was mysteriously plagued with a lethal fungal infection, which Danford attributes to the bullet Sarah fired to him in an argument earlier. The arborist was surprised at the state of degradation and informs him the tree is unsalvageable - it should have been destroyed months earlier. He offers to provide a cost estimate, though Danford declines and takes matter into his own hands. He tapes some explosives on the tree and detonates them with a hunting rifle at range. The blast brings down half of it, and as speculated by Bobby on-scene, it also launches the bullet lodged inside back at Danford. After Hen fails to resuscitate him from the ensuing hemorrhaging, she remarks "Karma's a bitch".

Barry was intending to keep his dog, Mindy, inside his pickup truck on a hot summer day, to avoid noise complaints at his home. Carrie believes the dog might die of heatstroke even if the window was left open. Barry refuses to take Mindy elsewhere, so Carrie goes inside and snatches some weights. Another employee briefs Barry on the malfunctioning tanning machine, which he dismisses. He then fires Carrie after she smashes the window. As the coroners remove Barry's corpse, Hen tries to repeat "Karma's a bitch" but is cut off by Chimney. Bobby gets a call from a medical facility about to discuss his blood donation and they insist his attendence in person, as they appear to find an unusual property which they refuse to disclose on the phone. 041b061a72


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