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Vlad and Niki Play with Toys and Have Fun Adventures

Vlad and Niki: The Global Preschool Phenomenon on YouTube

If you have a preschooler at home, chances are you have heard of Vlad and Niki, the YouTube channel that features the imaginative personalities and antics of two brothers, Vladislav and Nikita. Since launching in 2018, the channel has attracted more than 230 million subscribers worldwide and 130 billion views, making it one of the highest rated kids channels on YouTube. But who are Vlad and Niki, why are they so popular, what are the benefits of watching them, and how can you watch them? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

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Who are Vlad and Niki?

Vlad and Niki are two Russian American-born brothers who live in Florida, USA. They are the stars of their own YouTube channel, where they showcase their non-stop fun and crazy adventures in a mix of live action, animation, and music.

The brothers behind the channel

Vladislav Vashketov, or Vlad, was born on February 26, 2013. He is the older brother and the leader of the duo. He is adventurous, energetic, and creative. He loves to play with toys, cars, robots, superheroes, dinosaurs, and more. He also likes to learn new things and explore new places.

Nikita Vashketov, or Niki, was born on June 4, 2015. He is the younger brother and the follower of the duo. He is curious, playful, and funny. He enjoys playing with his brother, animals, puzzles, trains, planes, and more. He also likes to sing, dance, and make jokes.

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The parents behind the scenes

Sergey and Victoria Vashketov are the parents of Vlad and Niki. They originate from Moscow, Russia and moved to the USA in 2015. They are the co-founders of Content Media Group FZC, LLC, the company that produces and manages the Vlad and Niki YouTube channel. They are also the directors, writers, editors, cameramen, animators, composers, marketers, and managers of the channel. They work hard to create high-quality content that is entertaining, educational, and family-friendly.

The content of the channel

The content of the Vlad and Niki channel is based on the everyday life of the brothers, but with a twist of imagination and adventure. Each episode features a different theme or scenario that sparks their curiosity and creativity. For example, they might play with toys in their room, go to a theme park or a museum, visit a farm or a zoo, travel to a different country or planet, or transform into superheroes or pirates. Along the way, they encounter various challenges or surprises that they have to overcome or enjoy together.

Why are Vlad and Niki so popular?

Vlad and Niki have become a global preschool phenomenon for several reasons. Here are some of them:

The appeal of imagination and adventure

Vlad and Niki appeal to preschoolers because they tap into their natural sense of imagination and adventure. Preschoolers love to pretend play and explore new things. They can relate to the brothers' curiosity and creativity as they embark on different adventures every day. They can also join them in their fun and excitement as they discover new worlds or experience new situations.

The use of animation and music

Vlad and Niki also use animation and music to enhance their content and make it more engaging and appealing. Animation adds a layer of fantasy and magic to their live action scenes, making them more colorful and dynamic. Music adds a layer of emotion and rhythm to their stories, making them more catchy and memorable. Together, animation and music create a unique and immersive experience for the viewers.

The diversity of languages and cultures

Vlad and Niki also reach a wide and diverse audience by producing their content in multiple languages and featuring different cultures. The channel has 18 variants in different languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, and more. Each variant has its own voice actors, subtitles, and localized content. The channel also showcases different cultures and traditions from around the world, such as celebrating Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Easter, and more. This way, the channel promotes diversity and inclusion among its viewers.

What are the benefits of watching Vlad and Niki?

Watching Vlad and Niki is not only entertaining but also beneficial for preschoolers. Here are some of the benefits:

The development of creativity and curiosity

Watching Vlad and Niki can stimulate preschoolers' creativity and curiosity by exposing them to various themes and scenarios that inspire them to imagine and explore. Preschoolers can learn to use their imagination to create their own stories or games based on what they see on the screen. They can also learn to ask questions and seek answers about the things that interest them or puzzle them.

The promotion of family values and friendship

Watching Vlad and Niki can also foster preschoolers' family values and friendship by showing them positive examples of how to interact with others. Preschoolers can learn to respect, cooperate, communicate, share, help, support, and have fun with their siblings, parents, friends, and even strangers. They can also learn to appreciate the differences and similarities among people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The education of basic skills and concepts

Watching Vlad and Niki can also enhance preschoolers' basic skills and concepts by introducing them to simple yet important topics that are relevant to their age group. Preschoolers can learn about numbers, letters, colors, shapes, animals, plants, food, seasons, weather, transportation, occupations, emotions, manners, hygiene, safety, and more. They can also learn about music, art, science, history, geography, and more. They can also learn to apply these skills and concepts to their daily life and activities.

How can you watch Vlad and Niki?

If you are interested in watching Vlad and Niki, there are several ways to do so. Here are some of them:

The main YouTube channel and its variants

The easiest way to watch Vlad and Niki is to visit their main YouTube channel, which is in English. You can also choose from their 18 variants in different languages, depending on your preference or location. You can find the links to all their channels on their official website. You can also subscribe to their channels and turn on the notifications to get updates on their latest videos.

The official website and merchandise store

Another way to watch Vlad and Niki is to visit their official website, which is There, you can find more information about the brothers, their parents, their company, and their partners. You can also watch their videos, play games, download wallpapers, and join contests. You can also shop for their official merchandise, such as t-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, toys, books, and more.

The mobile app and smart toy robot

A third way to watch Vlad and Niki is to download their mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to watch their videos offline, play games, take photos, and chat with the brothers. You can also connect the app with their smart toy robot, which is a mini version of Vlad and Niki that can talk, sing, dance, and interact with you.


Vlad and Niki are two brothers who have taken the YouTube world by storm with their imaginative and adventurous videos. They are popular among preschoolers because they appeal to their sense of imagination and adventure, use animation and music to enhance their content, and feature different languages and cultures. They are also beneficial for preschoolers because they develop their creativity and curiosity, promote their family values and friendship, and educate them on basic skills and concepts. You can watch Vlad and Niki on their YouTube channels, their official website, their mobile app, or their smart toy robot.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Vlad and Niki:

Q: How old are Vlad and Niki?

A: Vlad is 10 years old and Niki is 8 years old as of 2023.

Q: Where do Vlad and Niki live?

A: Vlad and Niki live in Florida, USA with their parents.

Q: How many videos do Vlad and Niki have?

A: Vlad and Niki have more than 1,000 videos across all their channels.

Q: How much money do Vlad and Niki make?

A: According to Forbes, Vlad and Niki made $64 million in 2020 from YouTube ads alone.

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