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Colton Hernandez

CRACK Carrier Block Load V4.15 ##HOT##

D-rings, snaphooks, and carabiners must be proof tested to a minimum tensile load of 3,600 pounds (16 kN) without cracking, breaking, or incurring permanent deformation. The gate strength of snaphooks and carabiners must be capable of withstanding a minimum load of 3,600 pounds (16 kN) without the gate separating from the nose of the snaphook or carabiner body by more than 0.125 inches (3.175 mm).

CRACK Carrier Block Load V4.15

Any vehicle transporting garbage, trash, rubbish, ashes, etc., must have the load covered to prevent any part of the load from spilling on to the highway. Aggregate material must be carried in the cargo area of the vehicle and be 6 inches below the upper edge. The cargo area must not have any holes, cracks, or openings which could allow the material to escape. The vehicle used to transport aggregate material must be equipped with seals on any openings used to empty the load, splash flaps behind every tire or set of tires, and fenders. Other requirements are listed in CVC 23114. This does not apply to vehicles carrying wet, waste fruit, or vegetable matter, or waste from food processing plants.


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