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The meaning, tradition and tradition of the Matching Rings

The wearing of an engagement ring is been a tradition for a long time that dates back to ancient times. As a symbol that indicated that the bride was given the gift of the dowry, it became the romantic symbol that we have to this day.

The engagement ring symbolizes the commitment and obligation to your beloved partner.

The shape of the ring already gives a clue to its meaning: round, without any beginning or ending, it therefore became the universal symbol of eternal love and fidelity, perfect and infinity.

The historical significance of the engagement ring, from ancient times to present

From ancient times until today the meaning behind an engagement ring has evolved.

In the past, it was believed that the ring's finger had direct ties to the heart. For this reason, the ring was worn on the left hand of the loved one (the left hand is the side of the heart) as a sign of infinite love and an eternal bond.

In the Middle Ages, the woman received the ring of her partner as a promise of marriage. This was a serious custom, that women were forbidden from wearing rings for pleasure.

The so-called twin rings began to appear. The twin rings are a pair of rings that can be worn together. The man wore the ring up to the wedding ceremony, and then he gave it to the woman who would wear it as a wedding ring from then on.

Today, the engagement ring is an integral part of the formal announcement of marriage. In Italy it is customary that only the bride wears the ring. Normally the man is the one who decides and purchases the engagement ring.

Engagement rings - traditions personalization, meaning and individuality vs. value

While in other countries the value of the engagement ring depends on the salary however in Italy they try to guess the woman's tastes so that she likes the rings.

In our country, it's important to consider the materials and the size of the stone, however for women, the significance of the ring and its personal meaning are more important.

The traditional meaning of the ring is an impact on the majority of people who wear it. The woman wears it as a symbol of infinite love and fidelity towards her spouse.

Engagement rings - still in fashion?

Giving an engagement ring remains popular in the past. This practice is fairly new in certain social classes. Giving an engagement ring used to be reserved only for society and young nobles. For ordinary people the idea of a ring made from diamonds and precious metal was just too expensive.

With the economic growth of the 1950s, salaries increased and this meant more men could gift an exquisite engagement ring to their loved ones. From a ritual strictly reserved for elites the custom of the engagement ring has now become a tradition for all. Since the 1970s, the number of couples in which at least one of them always wears an engagement ring has been constantly increasing.

The custom of giving his partner a surprise engagement ring remains in use in the present. In the past it was commonplace for men to wear engagement rings. Most men today give one as a wedding present, but they only wear it on the wedding day.

Numerous celebrity couples ensure that this tradition does not quickly fade away with lavish celebrations and stunning engagement rings. Many young people emulate the habits of celebrities and so the next generation will continue the tradition of the engagement ring.

Why is there an engagement ring?

Why do we need an engagement ring? The question is always asked by those people who aren't familiar with the traditional meaning or emotional significance of the engagement ring. Here are 5 reasons why it's worth spending a fortune to buy the diamond engagement ring.

The most important motive for most men is that it is so romantic (for her) and distinctive (for him). Engagement rings are the sole thing a man will need to be certain about his partner.

The most important reason women choose to wear a diamond is that the fact that all, and I'm referring to all, of their friends and acquaintances will be delighted by the gleam of the diamond (not even that small ...)

Quote from your partner Are you always required to ask these kinds of questions? Why don't you try to be romantic for a moment?

Divide 1,000 ruro by the number years you have left (so many!) Oh, and it's only a few euros a year.

Group obligation: all of the friends have an engagement ring or will soon get one.


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