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Colton Hernandez
Colton Hernandez

The Wehrmacht History Myth Reality Ebook Download VERIFIED

Colonel John Boyd, a maverick fighter pilot, revolutionized the American art of war but his research relied on accounts written by Wehrmacht veterans who fabricated historical evidence to cover up their participation in Nazi war crimes. The Blind Strategist separates fact from fantasy and exposes the myths of maneuver warfare through a detailed evidence-based investigation and is a must-read for anybody interested in American military history.

The Wehrmacht History Myth Reality Ebook Download

I have noticed that the fantasy novel Under Heaven is awaiting assessment by MILHIST. While I am aware that historical fiction with a military theme comes under the project remit, as do some "hard sci-fi" novels with a future war subjects, how do fantasy novels fit? I can imagine a justification perhaps for a retelling of a myth like the Trojan War but this seems to be a straight fantasy novel, albeit influenced by Chinese history. Guidance in such cases would be appreciated Monstrelet (talk) 16:03, 18 December 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]


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