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Sentence Diagramming Step-by-Step Guide

This tool provides step-by-step instructions and guidance, including installation videos, a walk-through of installation instructions, and a PDF wiring diagram, for a home-install of Lutron products, dimmers and switches. The installation guides and materials contained within the Wiring Wizard are intended for use in personal and residential installation only. The Wizard is not currently compatible with neutral-based controls, fan/light combination controls, or Grafik T products. An electrical professional should assist with all large scale and complex commercial installation projects. Purchasers should ask appropriate questions and request references before buying any products and/or entering a contract with any party. The information contained in this document is intended for illustrative installation guidance and comparative purposes only, and is subject to change at any time. Wire variations, including color, may vary from wall-to-wall set-up or installation. Lutron does not warrant that (a) the information is complete, up-to-date, accurate and/or error-free; (b) the Lutron controls listed and the install guidelines provided will always be compatible with your project; and (c) that the information provided will be a viable or appropriate solution for your project needs. You are entirely responsible for and assume all risk for the use of the information.

Sentence Diagramming Step-by-Step Guide


I wrote this step-by-step guide to show the exact process I use when contributing to a project on GitHub. If you follow this guide exactly, you can make your first open source contribution TODAY!

You may want to check with your hosting provider to ensure there are no errors on their end, but you would want to start troubleshooting using our guide here: -guide/beginners-guide-to-troubleshooting-wordpress-errors-step-by-step/

With step-by-step guides for the Amazon Connect agent workspace, companies can provide customizable experiences for their agents, enabling them to deliver exceptional service from the first day on the job. Contact center administrators can now create no-code, UI based workflows to guide agents through common situation such as making reservations, managing payments, and submitting new orders. Administrators can set up step-by-step guides to appear in the Amazon Connect agent workspace or embedded within their own homegrown applications. Step-by-step guides dynamically guide the agent through the life of a customer service request, ensuring the agent never has to guess or rely on past experience to know what comes next.

In this blog, you will dive deep into step-by-step guides for the Amazon Connect agent workspace. First, you will take a look at some key concepts to understand how step-by-step guides work. Then you will walk through deploying a sample experience that takes advantage of other Amazon Connect features like Amazon Connect Customer Profiles. Lastly, you will explore how to further customize your guides to meet your specific business need. By the end of this blog you will have all the insights you need to get started designing your own step-by-step guides in Amazon Connect. To get started using step-by-step guides today reach out to AWS support or your AWS point of contact to have your account added to the preview.

There are a few key concepts to know before creating step-by-step guides in your contact center. These concepts allow you to build out workflows with no coding experience in the same environment where you create other Amazon Connect contact flows. Specifically, we will discuss Flows, Views, and the Show View flow block.

Similar to other customer experiences within your contact center, our step-by-step guides are created using Amazon Connect Flows. Flows let us define how a contact center experience is handled. Using the flow visual editor, you can easily integrate different features of Amazon Connect and visualize the entire experience from start to finish. The only difference between a step-by-step guides flow and any other contact flow is the use of the Show View block.

To use step-by-step guides you create a flow that defines the guide for the agent. This flow is then referenced elsewhere using the DefaultFlowForAgentUI custom attribute. When a call is transferred to a queue, the referenced step-by-step guide then pops up in the agent workspace. Additionally, you set the DisconnectFlowForAgentUI custom attribute to have a step-by-step guide pop up after a call finishes and the agent enters the post-call work state. This can be used to give agents the opportunity to enter disposition codes at the end of a contact.

To make better sense of these concepts, you can create a sample step-by-step guide within an existing Amazon Connect instance. In this scenario, a customer wants to file a claim for lost luggage. With step-by-step guides, you will provide the agent with a set of potential options using the Card View. When the card for filing a lost luggage claim is chosen you will then use the Form View to collect the information needed to submit the claim. Once all the necessary data is provided a Confirmation View will be used to show that the form has been submitted.

Because step-by-step guides are specific to helping agents with customer support, you do not want to be sending calls to your FileLuggageClaim contact flow. To isolate step-by-step guides from the routing logic of the contact experience, you can use a handler contact flow. To import our FileLuggageClaimHandler contact flow:

Now that we have a functional step-by-step guide lets explore how we can customize and expand from here. Specifically, we will see how to integrate our step-by-step guides with AWS Lambda and customize visual styles.

Like any other Contact Flow you can integrate a step-by-step guides contact flow with AWS Lambda by using the Invoke AWS Lambda Function block. This is useful if you need to process data after the agent has entered it. For instance, when the agent files a luggage claim you may want to save that claim to a database or send a notification.

In this blog post you had the chance to dive deep into the new step-by-step guides for the Amazon Connect agent workspace. Creating step-by-step guides for your contact center enables agents to take relevant steps to help out your customers without relying on months of learned experience. Using the no-code contact flow editor, contact center administrators can build out powerful guides, taking advantage of all the features available within Amazon Connect and the broader AWS ecosystem. To learn more about using step-by-step guides for the Amazon Connect agent workspace head to the administrator guide or reach out to your AWS Sales Partner to learn more. 041b061a72


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